ANPVU issues call to action

Following on from calls to action in the UK and France, Italian consumer association ANPVU launched a similar initiative. Reacting to potential threats to vaping at COP10 they “call on all who have doubts to start mobilizing NOW to protect the most successful alternatives to smoking from the blind, unscientific and ideological hostility of the WHO”.

See the link for more details: CALL TO ACTION: l’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità sta pianificando un assalto globale allo svapo

WHO: threats to vaping – French organizations issue call to action

Consumer associations Sovape and Aiduce have joined forces with La Vape Du Coeur and Sos Addictions to launch a call to action. The groups highlight potential threats to vaping at COP10 and call on “Any person or organization believing that they are concerned by these threats against vaping and the risk reduction approach can contact French or European elected officials now”

See the link for more details: OMS : menaces sur le vapotage

New Nicotine Alliance: Call to Action

In March, UK consumer association the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) issued a call to action against what it describes as “significant threats” to tobacco harm reduction planned by the World Health Organization (WHO) at COP10. The NNA are urging supporters, consumers of safer nicotine products, and those that recognize the benefits of harm reduction to contact their elected representatives to voice their concerns.

See the link for more details: CALL TO ACTION: The World Health Organization is planning a global assault on vaping