LED candles in favour of harm reduction


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Dear All:

The organizations that support tobacco harm reduction have come together to ensure that we are not ignored again during the 9th Conference of the Parties of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which will be held from 8 to 12 of November. 

The idea is that, as of November 8  (the day on which COP-9 begins), this original campaign for tobacco harm reduction will start, both physically and virtually. It is about letting us see / hear with LED candles (those little ones with a battery that cost two dollars): for this we ask you to send us a photo or a video – speaking or not – holding one or more LED candle. They can be individual photos / videos or, even better, in a group. Above all, the candles must NOT be made of wick and so there is no combustion, as we intend to symbolize the role of technology in reducing the harm from smoking, which allows us to use nicotine without the smoke produced by combustion, thus allowing us to continue enjoying it, without killing us. In addition, it will be a tribute to all those people who have left us because of smoking and if they had had access to these products, they would surely still be with us. 

As of November  8, we will begin to disseminate the photos and videos that you send us on our social networks and in those of all the organizations related to our cause –  so we ask that you send them to us well in advance. Obviously, you can also share them on networks yourself using the hashtag #THRworks, together with which they will also use the hashtag: # COP9FCTC, so that our messages can sneak into theirs. If you want to participate through us, please send your photo or video to one of these two addresses: 


Thank you very much in advance!

#sCOPe Livestream Event

sCOPe is a round-the-clock international broadcasting event taking place throughout COP9. The five-day livestream, from 8 to 12 November, will feature world-leading THR experts and consumer advocates for safer nicotine products. sCOPe will be simulcast on YouTube and Facebook. Despite being shut out of COP9, vapers have vowed they will not be silenced. Organisers are calling on vapers and consumers of other safer nicotine products to promote and mobilise around sCOPe.

Press Release

Global broadcast counters secretive WHO conference

A significant round-the-clock global broadcasting event, featuring world-leading Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) experts and consumer advocates for safer nicotine products, has been announced.

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#COP9 Campaigns

#COP9 #THRWorks

Information on consumer focussed COP9 campaigns. Let us know in the comments – or via our contact us form – about campaigns we have missed.

New Nicotine Alliance UK is calling for consumers to write to their MPs

The real threat from the WHO and what UK consumers can and should do about it

NNA writes that “The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a threat to vapers, not just in other parts of the world, but in the UK too. Consumers have a role to play in protecting reduced risk products that have benefitted us so much and could do for many more smokers in the future.”


Another UK based campaign, #BACKVAPINGSAVELIVES has tools to help you with contacting the Department of Health and MPs to let them know how vaping has benefitted you.  Put your short message into the website form and a postcard will be sent to your MP.   

Go to https://backvaping.co.uk/ to watch the short video and for more on the campaign.

#BackVapingSaveLives campaign objectives