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Information on consumer focussed COP9 campaigns. Let us know in the comments – or via our contact us form – about campaigns we have missed.

New Nicotine Alliance UK is calling for consumers to write to their MPs

The real threat from the WHO and what UK consumers can and should do about it

NNA writes that “The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a threat to vapers, not just in other parts of the world, but in the UK too. Consumers have a role to play in protecting reduced risk products that have benefitted us so much and could do for many more smokers in the future.”


Another UK based campaign, #BACKVAPINGSAVELIVES has tools to help you with contacting the Department of Health and MPs to let them know how vaping has benefitted you.  Put your short message into the website form and a postcard will be sent to your MP.   

Go to https://backvaping.co.uk/ to watch the short video and for more on the campaign.

#BackVapingSaveLives campaign objectives