What is FCTC COP? (part 4)


WHO Members are organised into Region Groups which correspond to the 6 WHO regions, i.e:

African Region (AFRO)
Region of the Americas (AMRO)
South-East Asian Region (SEARO)
European Region (EURO)
Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)
Western Pacific Region (WPRO)

Region groups – role and influence

See: http://vivello.ch/fctc/

The Region Groups have a key role in shaping regional positions. During the COP they meet every morning between 8-10am to co-ordinate and prepare for the daily discussions.
FCTC Secretariat regularly organises regional meetings in collaboration with WHO regional offices.

Each Region Group has a Regional Coordinator, who:

  • Liaises with the office of the Bureau representing the region.
  • Observes meetings of the Bureau between COP sessions.
  • Facilitates consultations with the Parties in the region between COP sessions; informs the work of the Bureau and keeps Parties informed of the Bureau’s work.
  • Receives working documents or proposals of the Bureau; circulates them to Parties within their region; collects comments from Parties within their region and transmits comments to Bureau.

Typically, there is a Regional Coordination meeting in each region immediately before the COP session to shape regional positions. These meetings are not publicly known.

Current Regional Coordinators (2018-2021):

  • Oman, EMRO
  • Turkey, EURO
  • Australia, WPRO
  • Botswana, AFRO
  • Nepal, SEARO
  • Brazil, AMRO


This is the administrative arm of the FCTC and the COP and the Secretariat technically should be neutral. However, the reality is that the Secretariat drives the agenda and plays a strong advocacy role with the Parties and within the WHO & broader UN. For example, in one of its brochures, the FCTC Secretariat defines its own role in these non-neutral terms:To counterbalance the deadliest industry in the world so that resources can be directed to where they’re most needed, and not in mopping up the human costs of the tobacco industry’s irresponsible behavior.

There are currently 28 staff members working at the FCTC Convention Secretariat.

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