Below is our list of acronyms and terms commonly used in FCTC COP discourse.

AFRO: African Region

AMRO: Region of the Americas

COI: Conflict of interest 

COP: Conference of the Parties

ENDS: Electronic nicotine delivery systems 

ENNDS: Electronic non-nicotine delivery systems 

EMRO: Eastern Mediterranean Region

EURO: European Region

FCA: Framework Convention Alliance 

FCTC: Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, download the treaty here

HTPs: Heated tobacco products  

IGO: Inter-governmental organisation

Intersessional period: the two-year period between regular sessions of the COP

TobLabNet: WHO Tobacco Laboratory Network

MOP: Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

NGO: Non governmental organisation

Party: a country which has signed and ratified the FCTC

SEARO: South-East Asian Region

TFI: Tobacco Free Initiative 

THR: Tobacco Harm Reduction

TL;DR: “Too long didn’t read”  

WHO: World Health Organization 

WPRO: Western Pacific Region 

Also see WHO’s Glossary of terms used in the WHO FCTC and its instruments