The road to FCTC #COP10

COP10 preparations are advancing when it comes to the FCTC Secretariat. The provisional agenda and some other documents were published earlier this month.

Going from the agenda we can expect a fully packed discussion on substantive items. Readers will remember that COP9 was virtual and that although discussions were tortuous (refresh your memory with our COP live reporting), there was no discussion on ‘substantive items’. This in person COP10 in Panama promises to be a proper bun fight – and we just wonder whether the allotted week will be sufficient. 

We will be analysing the available documentation and will share our thoughts on those with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are some of our quick observations.

The documents already published show we can expect substantive discussions on these subjects: 

  •  Articles 9 (Regulation of the contents of tobacco products) and 10 (Regulation of tobacco product disclosures).  There are  two reports published so far: here and here.  Non-combustible safer alternatives to smoking will be affected.
  • Discussion specifically on ‘novel and emerging tobacco products’, i.e. the safer alternatives to smoking, such as vapes, nicotine pouches, Heated Tobacco Products and snus. 

As you might have already noticed, whilst the Secretariat has been so generous with some documents there are some key pieces of the puzzle that are still outstanding, including:

  • Reports on Articles 9 and 10 (FCTC/COP/10/7),
  • Reports on novel products (FCTC/COP/10/9 and FCTC/COP/10/10),
  • and the draft decisions attached to those.

These missing pieces will show the direction WHO wants to go for alternatives to smoking. Will WHO be dismissing the science behind alternatives to cigarettes yet again? Keep an eye on COPWATCH for analysis and updates. 

And here’s a reminder – should your organisation wish to apply for Observer status please be aware that the deadline to apply is 22 August:

Do let us know how you get on.